toolsHere are a few things to take into consideration when power washing your yard equipment:

One of the best things you can do with your pressure washer is clean things right? Well cleaning your yard equipment is no different than cleaning your deck, fence or driveway. If you are unsure what kind of pressure washer to use for this task I will go over some benefits associated with both electric and gas pressure washers in regard to cleaning your outdoor equipment. If you need more information, some detailed electric pressure washer reviews can be found at the link.

Electric Benefits

Electric pressure washers are used to clean up messes quickly and easily. One of the key features of an electric pressure washer is that they are more inexpensive than gas as well as more quieter. Electric pressure washers store away more easily and are lighter to carry. One of the biggest downfalls with an electric pressure washer is that you are limited to the distance you have with its power cord. A decent size power cord will give you roughly 30 feet, but don’t get me wrong that isn’t all that bad. But if your detached garage is far away or you have yard equipment where there is no power then you are out of luck.

Gas benefits

When it comes to gas powered pressure washer the main advantage is the power of it. if you are scraping grass and mud off used yard equipment then an electric will do the trick. If you’re looking to blast away grit and grime off a tractor or other heavy yard equipment then a gas pressure washer may be the right choice for you. check out for more on gas vs electric pressure washers.

Some equipment that we recommend you cleaning with a pressure washer:

- Lawn mower
- Tractor
- Tiller
- Shovels / rakes
- Cement mixer

One of the advantages of using a pressure is that you can insert your own solution into the built in dispenser. Solutions can vary depending on what your are cleaning. The most common use is a generic multi-purpose cleaner, usually a soap based product. My biggest tip when using the dispenser and the solution is to allow the solution to work its way through the grime. Allow the solution to settle in for a minimum of 5 minutes before you decide to blast it off. Another great attachment that I like using any time while I am pressure washing is a water filtration attachment. The unit attaches directly to your hose and allows you clean without having to wipe dry. This attachment is great for cleaning things such as your house windows or vehicle.

A few things to watch out for when you a pressure washing your equipment

- Don’t spray around any plastic parts unless the equipment is plastic itself.
- Avoid hoses as well as any greased areas.
- If someone is holding a piece of equipment for you, make sure they have proper eye protection and avoid their hands when spraying.
- Before you power wash make sure you are also wearing proper eye protection. High pressure from the unit may cause debris to fly up and hit you in the face. Be careful